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Yeah, I just hadn't noticed that it kept logging me off at first. Once I noticed that it said I was no longer logged in up top I figured it out. I am not sure if it was the site or just my wireless connection. It hasn't done it again recently though, but when it did happen I was working in the forum. Thanks!

Hey Stacey,

Oh, what kind of puppy do you have? I live in minnesota, it is freezing! Ya I understand the long days at those events. So do you do this type of thing full time?


Hey Tara,
Yep, I just quit my "real job" in Dec to start modeling full time! Yeah!
I have a chi/rat terrier mix. She is about 6 lbs. Everyone thinks shes a puppy min pin. She has long little legs and prances around like a deer!
Oh wow, I bet its cold up there! Its cold down in Orlando right now, well for me its cold. I am going up to NY in a few weeks and I gotta go shopping to get warm enough clothes. I sure hope I get to see snow!!!

Hello Stacey,

I wouldn't worry about seeing snow, i am sure there will be plenty! That is so exciting that you will be modeling full time around december. I will hopefully be a full time model by then too, I am getting busier everyweek, doing alot of runway! I am also going to have a calendar and posters coming probably around this summer time. I can't wait! I hope we get the chance to work together at this Vela opportunity, the whole thing fits me perfectly, I always wanted to host shows at spring break! So Fun!


im actually modeling full time now. i started this past dec (2007)!! so happy, love it! finally doing what i love ALL the time!! florida is def a good state to be in for this. i cant imagine all the work yall get for those who live in NY and CA! must be great.
cant wait to find out about this opportunity now...


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