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From today on TurboImageHost you can create free accounts and you can upload images to your account, create albums, move images, delete images etc.

All is still in testing and we still adding new features, if you have some ideas, comments etc. please write it here...


I was wondering if you can make an option to make previously uploaded images that are not private into private. If thats already available sorry and link please.
Could you add something like this to the website. - The random image generator part (you have to sign up). What the random image generator does is create an image for every different request of the image. The images that it displays are links of hosted images that you provided it. All you have to do is post the code the give you and it should display the random image.
The image is a random account i found so sorry if the image is bad.
URL Uploading too.

How about adding the macro so that members can add a profile to the Image Hosting account?  8)

Peter doss:
Is it possible without image hosting

mian iqbal1:
Thanks for informative post. This post has helped me save many hours of browsing other similar posts just to find what I was looking for.


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