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Upload your images and WIN $1000, $500 or $200 only on TurboImageHost!

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In next month (October) we have something special for all TurboImageHost users, you can easy WIN $1000, $500 or $200!!!
All what you need to do is:

- Create a free account on (click here)
- Login to your account
- Upload all your images to your account
- Share your images with your friends, on your website, your blog, forums etc.
- At any point of time you'll  be able to check your rank on our website (you must be logged in to do so!) Click on "Statistics" link in the left menu, and you'll see something like this:

On 1st November you can check your stats for last month (October) and you`ll see your rank, if your rank = 1 you`ll win $1000, if your rank = 2 you will win $500, if your rank = 3 you`ll win $200!

Sounds great,eh? The more times your images downloaded, the better your rank and $1000 or $500 or $200 will be on your side!

Some rules:
- from one IP we will count 1 view in 24 hours for one image, if that visitor open next image we will count one more view
- if you try to cheat we`ll delete your account
- we will pay you to paypal or moneybookers or epassporte

If you have any question please ask it here...

Good luck!

This looks like an interesting offer !

I would like to know, is it allowed to participate when we use third-party uploading programs, like IIIU ?

Thanks to let me know :)

You can use third-party uploading programs but all your images must be uploaded to your account, I don`t know is that possible with IIIU...if that possible, for us that is not problem :D


That IS possible - and it's so much easier than a web interface, without meaning harm about your own one's quality :)

Thank you for the confirmation !

I know it and that is reason why we already working on our own desktop uploader...


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