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Do you need some new features? Please recommend!

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After many years we will try to create something new, new image host with many new features and new design but we need help from your side, please write here about all new features that you need, what is now good and what is bad, what to remove and what new we need to add...


Just as I come to mention something, I see you're taking suggestions.

So, here's for my most basical recommendation: SSL :D I have some old turboimagehost links here and there, and they force the mixed content warning, it's a pity. I tried replacing http with https but the img src links broke, so apparently it's not yet implemented on your side.

Other than that, what you would gain to add would be a gallery feature, or call it album if you like. An uploader would upload a set of images, and no matter which image of the set the internet visitor ends up opening, he would have a navigation menu to view the index of all the thumbnails, plus links for the previous/next image. Keyboard shortcuts left/right taken in charge, and tapping for mobile visitors ofc.
Think of the advantage to people who want to upload comics (you offer them the entire "read online" feature, they don't have to scratch their heads and ask themselves how to self-host the hell out of it) and video previews (much greater chance to view the other previews uploaded by the OP, increases likelyhood it seduces the visitor.

Also, your forum catpcha is nightmare-class, maybe it's time to join the forces of evil and add recaptcha instead.

And a less neolithic looking entry page on turboimagehost, but that is kinda needless to mention, good luck out there :)

Thank you for your great post and all recommendations, we already working hard to add new features and to make new and "less neolithic" website :D

But recaptcha I simple don`t like, maybe it working, maybe I`ll use it sometimes but recaptcha spent hours and hours of my time with stupid images! And also one of reason why I don`t like it, it is google!

P.S. please send PM with links to images without ssl support...

I found an example for you, of an image whose thumbnail broke after a replacement of http with https, since you asked

Image link:

Embedded thumbnail:

If I add the little "s" of https in the thumb's url, the image doesn't load in its blog post, invalid.

It's weird, because it works if I directly open the url with https in my web browser, while it doesn't work within a wordpress blog post, as if https came with an anti hotlink protection.

Hang in there with the upgrade of the display, gg :)

Yes, it is true, please try now again...


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