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Images out of order after upload.

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Hi guys. Absolutely love the host, and the new setup does seem quicker, but after almost every upload, the image order is incorrect.  :(
Is there any kind of a fix for this?

Also, would it be possible to raise the new image upload limit to 150 images?

Thanks in advance

A quick question......what is the point of this forum if the admins don't reply? It appears that no one is paying attention, and that speaks volumes.
This is my second post that has gone unanswered. I figured out the problem in the first post on my own.
I've used this host extensively in recent months, and the fact that you fail to respond to questions from those that line your wallets is to me, a good indication that I should look elsewhere for my posting needs. Simple questions is all they were, but that still appears to be too much for you. WTF?  I'm done with you guys until you square your shit away, and take more care with your users.

Thanks for nothing.  ;)

Sorry for the delayed response!
Reason for that is because we checking how to fix reported problem because look like is not possible to keep user selected file upload order in our you fix it?

Also, I thinking that we will soon work on our limits, number of images and image size....


--- Quote from: Admin on March 26, 2018, 10:34:15 AM ---I thinking that we will soon work on our limits, number of images and image size....

--- End quote ---

Thank you! Much, much better now. Any word yet on if the image limit will be increased?

We need for it few days from now...I will write about it here...



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