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Hey Everyone!! I hear we only have about a week left till we find out!!!

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Hi, everyone I just wanted to say good luck to everyone that I have not spoken with. I think this is such a great opportunity, I have gotten a personal trainer and am working on my rock hard abs. I am excited to post my new pictures on monday! I am the life of parties, I have fun, stay fit and love life. I cant wait to find out who gets the cut! Love ya and don't forget to say hi!!

Tara Heston ;)

Hi to you as well!
   Hey girl. I think you and I are having the same thoughts! I have also gotten a trainer, mostly to help me out with technique. lol I've been doing that a couple days a week, also planning on more dance classes & tumbling; which is going to be challenging, since it's been a while since I've tumbled. My increased motivation definitely come's from the hopes of making the Vela campaign, but I also need to do this for some up-coming jobs and myself. We'd have a blast together, since you like to have fun. I'm all about it! Lets go!!! lol

Speak with you guys soon!
- Nikki

How was the phone interview?

gymnastics and tumbling is such a great workout. i def miss it. a few friends of mine and I have been looking for an adult gymnastics class in Orlando, the only one we found wasnt that great of a class at all.  boo

trainers really help so much! i had one for about 6 months. helps you get into the gym since you are paying!! now i know what I am doing and he helped me with a diet plan and all. Now Im doing it on my own. Love to do classes at the gym like spin, cardio kickbox, abs....mix it up!

cant wait to check out your new super sexy abs pics tara. what a great feeling!

and of course. good luck to all.....

I must say I feel very lucky :) I hardly workout out at all, and I still have abs and muscles. Must be some good genetics =)
Anyways ladies, keep up the good work, keep working hard and hope to meet some of you soon.


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