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Again can´t upload


Hi admin! Sorry to disturb you (again) but i can´t upload.
I hope this will be fixed!

--- Quote ---HTTP Error, '413' occurred. Request Entity Too Large.For IIS servers: 1. Try to increase UploadReadAheadSize metabase property.2. Try to increase MaxRequestEntityAllowed property value in IIS config.For apache servers: Try to increase  LimitRequestBody  parameter in httpd.conf.  Please see error code definitions for more information.
--- End quote ---

Problem fixed, again same problem, we working on this problem and we`ll try to fix it permanently in few days...

Thank you for your answer :) Have a nice day and week!

I have tried again now, but no luck. I guess someone on the serverside has to do it. But I can live with a few unused toons a little longer though...

Thank you for answering


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