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Landscape Photos / Re: Waterfalls
« on: December 19, 2011, 08:06:59 AM »
The almost 100 meter tall Kegon Waterfall (Kegon no taki) is the most famous of Nikko's many beautiful waterfalls. In fact, it is even ranked as one of Japan's three most beautiful falls, along with Nachi Waterfall in Wakayama Prefecture and Fukuroda Waterfall in Ibaraki Prefecture.
Kegon Waterfall is the only exit for the waters of Lake Chuzenji. It can be seen from a free observation platform that is easily accessible on foot, as well as from a paid platform at the base of the falls. The paid platform is accessed via a 100 meter deep elevator and offers the more impressive views. The sight of Kegon Waterfall in combination with Lake Chuzenji can be enjoyed from Akechidaira Observatory, which is accessible by ropeway from Akechidaira Plateau.
Kegon Waterfall is also a popular autumn color spot. The trees around the waterfall are usually most colorful from mid to late October. In the winter, the waterfall is impressive as well, when it freezes almost completely solid.

Pet Tricks / Re: Cats, Dogs, Mice & Squirrels
« on: December 19, 2011, 08:01:43 AM »
In my backyard about a year ago I saw one of our neighborhood cats ( who has slaughtered countless birds in my yard ) attack a grey squirrel . I was quick to react and chased down the cat - so it is difficult to say whether or not it would have been a kill. I will say that the cat did get a good pounce on the critter and the squirrel was able to put up a good struggle before I broke it up. I remember the squirrel jumping alot and he was able to disengadge himself from the cat. It look like it would have been a tough kill for the cat in any case. I see alot of greys in my yard as many of us do . I have srong respect for them even if they are a nuisance . They are so muscular it is hard to say how easy it might have been for the cat. I can understand your cats reluctance. - that is my story-

Pet Tricks / Re: Graceful horses
« on: December 19, 2011, 07:56:38 AM »
My gelding is not the most graceful horse. When he rolls he smacks his feet against his ankles (has front shoes on) and breaks the skin. He is 24/7 turnout. I am getting to the point where I think I need to keep him booted all the time but I don't want him to get gross under the boots. I have tried upside down bell boots but so far none stay up high enough to always protect this from happening. I have also wrapped his ankles in a couple layers of vet wrap and this keeps him from busting himself open. Anyone else encountered this and have some good solutions?

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