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Bug report / Re: Upload dont work
« on: June 16, 2017, 10:22:07 PM »
This problem has returned, over the last few days. Took 2 attempts to upload the screen snapshot of the fault  message.
Any fix possible?

X2 - I think there was a single day earlier this week when uploads were successful - after that it was back to this message:

Your images/files not uploaded, please try again, sorry.

There is no other explanation as to the cause of problem nor any suggestions as to how to remedy it.

IDK what's going on.  I wrote the admins an email alerting them that this problem existed - as it has previously. On those previous occasions when I wrote, the problem was quickly fixed and the email was answered. Not so this time.

Support / Re: Problem uploading Error#2049
« on: February 01, 2017, 04:38:26 AM »
Same situation here. Initially (about 3-4 days ago) I was receiving an Error #2049 message.
That went away about two days ago, but now I am unable to create viable links.

The upload process goes through to 100% - and the page says it was successful - but when the result of the posted image is displayed, it is just a tiny square without any image.
The links (all of them) that are created for an uploaded image are dead-ends.

Logging in and out made no difference, nor did switching browsers from Chrome to IE8.
Running Flash Player version 21.0. Have cleared browser's cache and reset Chrome flags to default.
Tried re-registering under a new user name/password. No change.

This appears to be a TIH specific issue - I am still able to upload images via Image Venue and directly to various forums as usual.

And another thing - I just noticed that the sample images shown in the box on the RH side (formerly of Taylor Swift)are also just dead-end little squares.

So, since the sample images are not viewable,  it would appear that this isn't an uploading issue, but rather there is something wrong with the way the server is downloading images from TIH.

Let's hope this gets cleared up quickly. I really like TIH and would hate to have to switch image sharing sites.

Support / Image scrolling?
« on: February 21, 2013, 06:10:09 AM »
I'm sure that I'm missing something but can't find an option to upload a group of images so that viewers can scroll through them. It is extremely cumbersome to have to open and close each and every image.

Also, if this option is available, can it be applied retroactively (i.e. to image groups that have already been uploaded).

Thanks to the operators of this site for keeping "family safe" uploads free of adult material.

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