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Support / An unusual message & deleting images
« on: February 08, 2020, 11:02:12 AM »
Hi, this it's my first message here.

I'm with TIH since 2014, and I think that it's a gret host, and the best option for the modern life, yeah you know, if you have a blog or forum (ok boomer) you need upload your photos, well TIH  it's the solution.

Yeah, sorry for my english, I'm hispanic, and my level it's basic, I just want to say thanks for the service to all team of TIH. But I wan't to say also...that I have my first "problem". Five or six images was delete from my gallery, the reason it's unknown for me, I have the same images or so similar images in the same gallery, but 5 or 6 was randomly delete, maybe today or yesterday, and I don't know the reason of that.

My question is if this is "the begin of the end?" Or it's normal, or just was an error... I don't know, but I'm scared, because I have most images in my gallery, and all of them are in my forum... Yeah I have a forum in 2020... I try to say, If my images will delete I will lost to much time of my life posting and editing my forum, and the content, the base code (like html and CSS Style Sheet).

My topic it's to known the status of TIH, and Known if I need to make a backup and wait for the delete of more images.

Thanks and best regards.

Image delete (my evidence).

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