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please refer to this thread on what I asked our Image Host's Admin:,240.msg592.html

and he told me this:


- no, that is not true, we`ll never delete inactive images, that can be true for some other image hosts but not for!

- We working on setup with bigger thumbnails... UPDATE: Now many bigger thumbnail formats available!

- We`ll try to fix problem with VB.

- Old account is not problem.

- They can`t hotlink your images...

I assure you, there's no other Image host that is like this! With these features. So, if you have to this, then stick to this.

Please promise us dear Admin, that you will stick to your word and help us prosper!


Support / I need help Mr.Administrator!!!
« on: April 20, 2010, 10:40:51 PM »
I am presently setting up my forum My forum has been unaccessible for some months and now I have added some more sections and also changed the domain name. so I lost search engine pages and also my members.

1. Now I am currently posting to my site and I will release it well on adwords, seo and many such ways after updating it well with content. But I somewhere read that images will be deleted if they are inactive. I kindly request you to give my forum an exception, as I can't release it without updating it. But it seems like by the time I release my website all my images will be deleted due to inactivity... I cant see that happen. Because, if that happens all my hard work wil be wasted. If my website is released it will be surely a big hit as we will be one of the best sources of quality content. So you will also earn more. SO please be patient and grant my account the exception, that none of my images are deleted. My account username is "followit".

2. Can u give me bigger thumbnails? The small thumbnails are miserable as people will not get a clear preview... please consider it. either ways people are going to click the image for bigger image. so please give something between 300x300 to 550x550.

3. mine is a vbulletin forum. I am unable to add your integration of uploading images to your hosting through my forum... it is not working. Please help.

thanks in avance,

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